Ready, Set, Go!

December 22nd 2015 – too early, too hot to sleep:

So today is my last shift of the year. The thought of my trip has kept me happy in the face of the usual madness that envelopes the operating theatre unit at this time of year. Everyone wants their surgery done in time for the long holidays!


The last few weeks have been a flurry of work and last minute planning after a year of almost no annual leave and saving hard! I’ve been working two jobs to get to this point, so anyone out there who has a crazy dream, just do it!! You are the only one who can live your dream. Make it happen!

Your loved ones will support you and the ones who pour cold water on your plans don’t matter!! If people tell you you can’t because you’re a woman alone or it’s more than ten years since you left school or any other craven reason, find different people to hang with!!

I should say a quick thanks here to my nursing boss for giving me the two months leave! It’s the longest I’ve ever taken off work. I suspect she saw on my face how badly I wanted to grab this opportunity! And to my medical alarms boss, you had the best reaction when I guiltily told you I was heading away for a fair while…. “How wonderful, you’ll love it, I backpacked all through Africa. I wish I was going too!” That response made my day. You said we’d make it work and we have.


A couple of ‘my’ doctors took their team out for dinner last night which we really appreciated and it was a nice way to finish the year with the girls I so often work with. Happy Christmas, guys. See you in March!

Lake Alexandrina

This is Lake Alexandrina, taken on our old farm. When I’m dripping hot, hanging on a line off the side of the yacht, I’ll picture this.

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