Final Countdown!

Sunday 27th December 2015.

It’s all a bit real now – 2 days, 18 hours and 30 minutes, eeek!

I’ve had a lovely week of Christmas really, seeing all the family at some stage or other, with Matt and Aleisha (his gorgeous girl) last to get here this afternoon. I can’t wait to see them! Being a complete sop when it comes to emotional stuff, I admit to a few tears saying goodbye!!

H-W clan gathering 2

Dad, Mum, Pip (brother), Moi, Danny (son),

Suzy (niece), Sam (nephew), Fizz (sister), Lucy (sis-in-law)

Kelly (niece), Hannah (niece)

After all, it’s not exactly a 5 star trip I’m going on and there’s a couple of nerves peeking through at this point!! I have to give myself a wee pep talk and focus on all the amazing things I’m going to see and do!

I’m also slightly nervous I’ll have forgotten all my navigation training, lol! I said to Josh (my skipper) a while ago “should I brush up on my rule of the road?” He replied “This is Africa! There are no rules!” I’ve refreshed anyway!! Actually he is a good sailor so I’m fairly unconcerned about his flippant response.

So, last minute packing and tidying is all that’s left to do. Mum & Dad want to come to the airport to see me off. At 0400 for God’s sake! They’re crazy!! I think I’d rather have my goodbyes the night before. It’s pretty unattractive getting on the plane with red eyes and a drippy beak!! I reckon my partner, Igor, can take me and drop me at the five minute zone. Much easier on the heart. I’ll miss them all so much.


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