On Your Mark….

Well, here I am at Christchurch Airport, waiting to board my flight. A few tears saying goodbye!!!
We had a really good old Kiwi Barbecue last night, steak, lamb chops, the whole thing.
Had to sort out a few last minute hiccups. No surprise, Telecom, or rather, Spark (such a stupid name) failed to stop my plan as requested so I can go prepaid. “Sorry madam, we can’t help you till 9am tomorrow.”  Well , that’s no bloody use, I’ll be gone by then. Eventually they agreed to take the voucher code and load it for me today. Hope it works, lol.
Anyway, wish me luck. I’m in a state of numb disbelief at the moment.
I’m really doing this!!!

One thought on “On Your Mark….

  1. Hi Sarra good luck girl you’ll enjoy this trip of a life time. As for Spark, I agree such a silly name, well dod you expect good service?
    I’ll be waiting for all your news. Take good care Sarra and a very Happy New Year . lol Margie xxx


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