Up and Running!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO NEW ZEALAND!! 8 hours to go here.

I had a really good trip over. In fact, the long reach from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was incredibly good. I slept for most of it!!
CHC to Sydney aboard Virgin was the least enticing, with the usual tiny seats and zero leg room, but at least it’s short.
I had a pleasant stand over in Sydney, catching the train to Circular Quay and the ferry to Manly. Sat on the beach with an iced coffee before heading back for
the long leg of the journey.


I can totally recommend Ethihad Airways. Heaps of room, clean, lovely staff and delicious food. Made me feel sad that that’s so much negative connotation towards the Arab world at present. My whole experience of the airline, Abu Dhabi airport and all the people I met was 100%positive .
I paid the usual exorbitant day pass price for the airline lounge but so worth it!! A decent shower does wonders, not to mention a couple of wines and some delectable local food. I loved their breakfasts. Pickled veges, a kind of spicy flan, cheeses and meat slithers and fruit. Yum.
Final hop from Abu Dhabi to Dar es Salaam was easy. Again, a great plane and staff, and I made a friend!!
The woman next to me is a local but had lived in England for 10 years and has travelled a lot. A really nice lady called Mini. My boys can tell you how disgracefully bad I am at names so I was dead relieved to find she was called something I can remember!! She gave me a ton of useful tips for my stay here and delivered me to my hotel in her chauffer driven car!! What a honey!! Also have me her card and said keep in touch.
So, here I am at the Protea Courtyard Hotel. It’s adorable, so quaint and old fashioned. The bed is great, the shower cool and strong (heaven!), and a complimentary bottles of bubbly and fruit awaited me. What more can a girl want?
I’ve showered, had a swim, showered again and am now sipping my wine doing this update!!
I just need to work out how to attach a photo on my cell phone, and I’m done.



Success!! Time for a nap, then better see the new year in.
Happy 2016 everyone. It’s going to be a good one.

One thought on “Up and Running!!

  1. Happy new year sarra.
    Your adventures have started already for a new year. .
    Have fun
    Look forward to reading your blog.
    Take care
    Andrea xx


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