Maisha ni murua – Life is Good!!

I thought I was going to lose weight coming on this trip but at this rate I’ll be rolling home! Breakfast was scrumptious. Every sort of tropical fruit, cheeses, sliced meats, spicy dishes and kebabs, wonderful juices and even really good coffee.


Those dreadful looking rolls are my favourite! Mutton kebabs. That was my second helping which really is disgraceful!
After skyping Igor and Olivia, including a hello to Whisky (I miss my meow!) I got a taxi to the Slipway which is like a local market by the wharf.



Shopping heaven!! Got pressies for the whanau!! And wine, of course. They had Laphroaig in the super market, only $50. I restrained myself, Matt!!



The art work is amazing. I could bring home suitcases full but sadly had to content myself with photos!!
My taxi driver dozed in the shade and was waiting for me, two hours later!! $US20 round trip.


Hopefully I remembered the spelling of the heading phrase correctly. It’s on flags along the streets. I like it!!
35°by the way . Loving it. Swim time. Oh, and I’ve decided to stay on here till my safari. They’re treating me too well to leave!!

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