There are no Rules!!

Said Josh and boy was he right!! The driving here is maniacal. Astonishingly I haven’t seen many crashes. Everyone just shoves over or drives the kerb!! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one wearing a seat belt too.
Still, I got everywhere safely, if with a fractionally raised heart rate.

I started the day slowly having slept in till 0900. Chatted to a student from Boston at the next table over breakfast, and a Danish mountain guide over coffee!! Very interesting guy who have me more goods tips.

1) Don’t have the air con in my room too low as the constant temp change with outside will give me a cold. I suspect I’m too late having woken all blocked up!!
2) Get a local sim card for my good phone. Don’t have two devices and theft isn’t common if you’re careful. Everyone has a phone anyway. 
3) Use the anti malarial called Malanil or its equivalent. Best for local mossies.

This I had on my list of things to do, so dutifully hailed a crazy cab and went to the pharmacy. It cost US$25. Same stuff at home would be 100 bucks.
The sim card shop was shut and my driver insisted there wasn’t another. Which translates as “I want you to buy from my friend”!!! So I told him to return me to the hotel, didn’t tip him and got another taxi to go to the Museum!!

That was well worth a visit. It’s TS6500 to get in but has a good display on the origins of man.



And on rock art in Africa, which is truly beautiful.



There was quite a bit on the various colonial influences too.

The afternoon was lazily spent by the pool, too hot to move!! Then went to the Cape Town Fish Market to meet Mini for dinner.


A gorgeous spot, great live band and, again, superb food. I had a tuna steak, Soooo good. Home and bed and here I am awake at 0530 again!!

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