Mikumi to Ruaha – day 2.

After a beautiful breakfast of omelette and fresh fruit, we hit the road to Ruaha National Park.
It’s a fantastic and very scenic drive through a mountainous region!! The road follows the Ruaha River for much of the way.

The mountains have the same volcanic drama as ours, though the type of bush is very different. The red soils have tinted the river after overnight rain.
Masai herd their goats and cattle, and small villages line the road.

As the hours tick by, we climb ever higher into the southern Highlands. The geology changes from sedimentary to igneous (so Fan tells me!!) and the temperature cools to probably the high 20s.

We’ve had some great philosophical conversations. The differences between our cultures is so marked that you can’t help introspection, questioning our belief systems. The way of life seems so close to nature and the people so happy, always with a ready smile.
One sobering episode where people had stopped coz a bus had gone off the road down a near vertical drop of easily 500m. We stopped in case Kathy and I could be of assistance, both being nurses. Then a cop pulled up to say it’s happened yesterday and to move on.
We had lunch in the mountain town of Iringa, where Kathy and Fan used to live. Great meal.
Then began the trek into Ruaha on a red dirt road. Long, hot and very bumpy. Kathy calls it a massage, Tanzania style. Mmm. Optimistic.





Safari drove our way into the National Park. Such a wonderfully abundant treasure trove


of animals. A beautiful time of day to arrive. My bungalow looks right out over the Park.

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