Countdown to Sailing

Saturday 16th January.
We’re not too far off being ready to go, the only hold up being we can’t clear customs until Monday. Josh and Chapsie (a local sailor helping Josh with maintenance) have been into town to get stores, rope and tools. They’re sorting out odds and ends, with me helping as I can. We’ve been sleeping on deck as it’s cooler. No more major dramas, lol!
Had a couple of evenings out at the backpackers and yacht club for meals. I’m a bit short on cash as my card wouldn’t work. Will have to try the other one next time we’re in town. It’s so cheap to live here though.
Today Josh and Chapsie are getting the sailing yacht Ibis up and running. She’d heading south with us, being delivered to Zanzibar. She’s a wee thing, smaller than Turi was, Matt and Danny, so a brave effort. Sails sweetly though. I’m watching from Rangi.
BTW Rangi, in swahili, means colourful. My swahili is improving and my rusty French got a work out this morning too!!
Josh bought a charcoal cooker and a pressure cooker so I’ve made coffee and an hard boiling eggs. Diet pretty lean. No noticeable weight loss though, lol. 😬
My body is getting used to moving round a boat though. Can feel the fitness improving. It’s better on my back than OT which surprises me. New career?!!
I’m very struck by the difference between what I expected in Africa and the reality. Propaganda has much maligned it. It’s a marvelous place, well, Tanzania and Kenya. The people are friendly and generous natured, though, as Josh says, opportunistic!! The climate is awesome. Most things work and it’s not as technologically behind as you’d think, not on the coast anyway. I haven’t felt at risk at all. I mean, I don’t take silly risks, but I’ve been travelling alone and had no hassles.
It’s one of those best kept secrets, and I hope it stays this way!!

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