Yesterday, 13th January, was a maintenance day and anything that could’ve gone wrong did!!
Poor Josh. He had a list of things he wanted to get through and one thing after another caused grief. He handled it all with such patience and good humour.
In the end he sent me off in the tender, to the boat yard, to get food. Our diet since Monday night has been a sweet bun each and beer!! With his assurance ringing in my ear that the outboard engine was super reliable, I headed round the point!!
Murphy chased me and I hit a damned submerged object which sheared the pin off the prop. So it would rev but no engagement. As soon as it happened I cut the motor, and since the wind was pushing me into the rocky shore, jumped over the side. As fate would have it, I landed on a sea urchin! It stung but I had more urgent concerns!! I’d also managed to rip half a nail off.
Luckily a canoe rounded the point and the guys towed me towards the Boatyard. The Kalifi tender saw us and motored out to take up the tow. God, how embarrassing.
They organised the Boatyard crew to fix the motor once they’d finished the job they were on.
I headed for the bar to order food and see what I needed to do for my foot. Local knowledge dictated wash it with vinegar, then wrap it in pawpaw. I’ve done part A.
I reckoned I may as well get food while I was waiting so ordered my periperi prawns and rice. I could only remember 2 of the 3 things Josh wanted, after the drama, so made a guess and ordered the rest as take away.
As I sat worrying about how long it would be before I got Josh’s food to him, a girl came up and said “hi, I’m Bea, you’re on Rangi with Josh, aren’t you?”
Turns out she’s part of the volunteer crew building a beautiful dhow anchored near us. I told her my predicament and asked if they’d take the food to Josh and tell him why I was away so long!!
That was fine with her so I had one less concern. The engine was fixed in due course and I made it back without further drama. Bea was still with Josh, unsurprising to me as she’s very attractive!! And he’s invited her to join us sailing.
This I have mixed feelings about, as we don’t really know her, though she seems lovely, and it’s a small boat if people don’t jell well. Josh is thinking with his small brain, I suspect. Still, not my boat.
The evening was spent on the dhow meeting the volunteers, which was fun. Great bunch, many nationalities and back grounds.
Today we hope to go sailing, get some practice in. We’ll see if Murphy still dogs us!!
Josh’s friend, David, came sailing with us. He’s experienced too so it was a great way for me to get familiar with the boat. We had a beautiful run up the coast and back at sunset.



Magic end to the day.

One thought on “FUBAR!!

  1. Hi darling, ….well it looks as if the adventure has really kicked in now! However I do hope your foot is ok and you have no problems with it. Hope the crew gells well, and that it is plain sailing so to speak!! It looks beautiful blue skies and seas. All well here, had a few days of heavy drizzle which is very good for the land, but definitely not summer weather! Think of you always. Love forever mum&dad xx

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