Hurry up and Wait!!

This is a navy saying that applies somewhat at present. Josh turned up yesterday, not off the yacht, but in a car from town with the guys who’ve been helping him refit Rangi.
Or should I say Jack Sparrow and his crew turned up!!! What a hard case bunch. They had a ton of gear which they ferried out to Rangi in the tender before settling in at the bar for a few beers.

So it was dusk before I got to see the yacht. It would be fair to say we are not ready for sea!! Every surface had gear on it and it’s taken Josh most of today to get it stowed away. He’s also done some maintenance jobs and put together the new water maker. We’ve made 15 litres of water 😀
As for me, I’ve made my cabin up tidily, helped Josh with odd things and sat on deck reading my book. It’s called On the trail of Genghis Khan. Matt and Leishy gave it to me, good read too.

I have to say, Josh is a very smart guy and knows a startling amount about engineering and electrical stuff. Very reassuring!! I suspect I will have a steep learning curve once we set sail! As it is, there’s not a lot I can do for him and it doesn’t sit well with me. At least once we get food in I can be the kitchen bitch!! Though he ought not think that will last forever, lol.
The general plan has evolved into a trip to Zanzibar with another yacht and the coastal exploration, including a possible trip up the Pangani River. But it’s a moving target!

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