In Transit!!

Safari to Sailing. January 11th 2016.

Saturday morning saw us browsing the shops in Iringa for an hour or so. Fan was a wonderful help finding prices and bargaining for me!!

Then the drive back to Morogoro for a night. Kathy and Fan live here. We went out for dinner again and next morning they put me on the bus back to Dar. I was so very sad to bid them goodbye. They’re a great pair and have made my first week in Africa an absolute joy.


Kathy booked my flight to Mombasa, bless her, and their friend who met my bus, took me not only to the hotel but to catch my plane this morning at 0330. Such generous hearted people.

It’s now 1030 and I’m sitting in a mini bus in Mombasa, hoping the trust I put in the chap next to me on the plane sees me right to Kalifi and Josh!!
1245 – My trip seems to be charmed. I ended up being seated next to a gorgeous local girl called Maureen and, guess what, she’s a nurse. So we yarned the whole way – her English is great and my swahili remains at greetings!!


She organised a friend to take me on the back of his motor bike. It felt slightly precarious, with my backpack on, but heaps of fun!! And yes, he was a gorgeous local lad, so I minded not at all, lol!! Sorry, Igor, only window shopping!!
So here I am at Kalifi Boatyard, sitting in an adorable cafe with a cold lager and the sailing vessel Rangi in my sights, Josh presumably on board!! Made it!!



God, I love this place. Anyone want to join me? Danny!??
PS: I’m having trouble uploading posts so they may appear out of order.

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