Kalifi to Zanzibar – Day 1.

The first 24hrs – 2300 to about lunch time.

We were a bit late leaving as Bea and Mary didn’t turn up till way later than they were needed. Josh, Chapsie, Ali and I rushed to do final preparations and stowed the food.
As soon as they arrived we let go the mooring and left the harbour under power, as we were towing Ibis. It’s quite a tricky harbour to exit, with a low bridge and wires, never mind the reefs!!
It was a beautiful evening but once we hit the open sea we found big rollers that hit us on the port quarter. So the whole night was spend being thrown round the yacht!! We had to put up the jenniker boom to secure the foresail. That was a bit stressful, Josh trying to teach me how to do it all in the bloody dark. Mary helped, taking the wheel, as she’s done plenty of sailing, but Bea is a beginner.
Once we got things relatively settled on the auto helm , everyone tried to get their heads down. Mary and Bea slept but I don’t think Josh or I did!!
I actually took a while to feel relaxed. It’s very different to being in a big grey ship with two big diesels!! It feels totally foreign and the boat noises are totally different. I found I was quite edgy, not sure if what I was hearing and feeling was OK or not. Other boaties will understand what I’m getting at!! It doesn’t help that our first leg started at 11pm!!
I was pleased to see daylight.
We’re going slowly, so Ibis can keep up. Bea is learning to take the helm.


We’ve been trying to give Josh a break. He did get a marlin on the line but it took off with the hook, so no sushi for lunch!!


And, I’m having to learn to like reggae music, or go mad.
Sea state – bloody uncomfortable big rollers from two directions! Windy but manageable!!

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