Standing By – 20th January

When we woke this morning, we found ourselves in a lovely anchorage, with Wasini Island to our south. It was calm and you’d have never guessed at the crazy squall we’d laboured through the day before!
Josh announced a rest day, to regroup from the stress of nearly capsizing. We are worried about Chapsie and Ali too. If all had gone to plan we’d have been in Zanzibar this morning sometime.
Josh and Mary spend a fair while ringing boating friends and the various fishing companies and marine authorities, soliciting help in looking out for little Ibis.
We all sat on the foredeck, lit the charcoal cooker and prepared a feast of goat meat and veggies in a stew. While we were tortured with the smell of it cooking, Bea made guacamole which we ate on bread. Not having eaten really yesterday, it was heaven!
And so we recovered, talking through what had done, a few tears for the boys’ safety, beers and rum (with guava juice and lime, super good!!) and songs accompanied by Josh on the ukulele. That lad is full of surprises.
I do feel sad for him, our sailing trip is over and we’ll be heading into Tanga for refit, no doubt. A year of planning out the window, due to unforcast rough weather and a rogue wave. But Rangi needs a new mast step, and that can’t be fixed at sea. We need a crane!!

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