My fellow nurses will know these as Activities of Daily Living. It’s as good a description as any for the odds and ends I thought I could comment on!!
It’s about 0945 Sunday 24th January. Josh is still asleep so I figured I’d leave him be and quietly do this. I have put on nail varnish and actually brushed all the knots out of my hair! I think I look faintly more respectable!! The mirror is hazed so who knows.
Living on Rangi bears no resemblance to a Naval vessel. There’s no loo, no shower, no galley, no laundry and only one bed which I got. Josh and the others slept on deck. It’s less cramped now it’s just the two of us!
A bucket for the loo. You do not wish to know further details about that! Bathe in the sea and tip a bucket of fresh water over your head after that for a shower. We cook on a charcoal camp stove, one pot at a time. We do have a fridge so the drinking water and beers are cold. In Port we can use the yacht club facilities which is nice but even then the water doesn’t always work.
You guys back home – value your water! It’s a precious commodity here.
Those who know me well will be astonished to hear I’m not drinking wine. I’ve had some nice South African sauvignon blanc but in general it’s average and also goes straight to my head in this heat!! I’ve had to resort to beer or G&T, neither of which I particularly like! Still, they’re cold and wet. And bug free.
Laundry is done in a bucket too and infrequently. I live in a bikini, shorts and top. Bare feet all the time.
What people actually do here and what is legal are two very different things. You can buy almost anything on the black market and bribe your way out of most trouble. The cops and every other law enforcement agency are corrupt as hell but so lovely and smiley with it you just have to laugh.
Everyone one tries to diddle you but laughingly give in when you show you’re onto the tricks!!
Almost everyone smokes bufti – you can guess what that is – discreetly of course!! The local stuff smells nicer!!
There’s zero health and safety or red tape. Very refreshing. People take responsibility for their own actions, not always laying the blame else where. It makes me realise just how ridiculous we have become at home. So over the top.
I know I will struggle to settle in at home again. This trip has shifted my ideals and priorities. I wish I could get work here. It’s going to require some thinking about.


Josh has just woken up and is playing the ukulele on deck. It’s lovely.
We had our first “words” last night with me telling him to give credit where it’s due and not paint himself as the only one of value on deck. As my boys know, I don’t stay pissed off for long, so we’re good!!
We’re going exploring ashore today with friends. Beautiful day.

One thought on “ADLs

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the stream of info, although somewhat concerned about the lack of amenities on board! Sounds as if you are having a great time, in spite of some of your setbacks. I am looking forward to having you back home in civilization where we can relive your adventures over a civilized glass of cold wine!!
    Love and Hugs


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