Tanga, Tanzania.

It’s Saturday so we weren’t sure if we’d be able to clear customs and immigration today, but put the yellow flag up anyway.
Josh saw the yacht anchored to our starboard was friends of his and then a couple of guys from Kalifi turned up too, so we might end up having fun here!!
It’s a beautiful natural harbour and the yacht club is great. Our first sip of cold beer was divine!! And the food good too. I had my favourite piripiri again, though with tuna this time. Josh’s friends are a lovely family and Stefan and Chris joined us as well.
Immigration did turn up. The guy was super helpful and said he wasn’t going to worry us with customs since we were just travelling and didn’t carry cargo. I already have a Tanzanian visa so he didn’t need me for anything either. All done smoothly. We took a tuktuk into town and got money on the black market. Banks are closed today!!
I’m glad to be here where we can let our sore bodies heal for a few days. Not sure what the next plan will be since the sailing trip is over. I might try and get to Zanzibar and maybe Madagascar by myself. I’ll see how much it’ll be.



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