Let’s have a Rest Day

Friday, 22nd January, I think!!
I’m losing track of the days and date!!
We slept like logs last night, knowing Chapsie and Ali were safe. The others went for breakfast with Abdul and his wife, while I readied the yacht for sea. I needed a bit of time out to myself so declined their kind invitation. It settled my head too. It’s been a pretty stressful few days. Certainly not what Josh and I planned in the preceding months, lol!!
Today’s plan was to go out to the marine reserve on Rangi, with Abdul on board as he’s a local wildlife officer, and go snorkeling. I love snorkeling so looked forward to it.
We motored out and picked up a buoy. Josh wanted to wait half an hour before going over the side to make sure the boat was secure but Abdul said we didn’t have long and should get going. The other girls went over first and took off. Josh and I had been in the water about 30 seconds when there was a crunch. Rangi was not held on the buoy but on the reef, listing hard over to port. Josh, Abdul and I were back on board in record time. I nearly dislocated my shoulder getting up the rope ladder which is on the starboard side and was way out of the water!!
We let go the anchor so we didn’t drag any further. The two wildlife officers on the small boat with us had no real seamanship skill and what could’ve been a relatively easy fix turned into one disastrous attempt to take a tow after another. They crashed their boat into Rangi a dozen times, damaged the expensive wind vane that the auto helm runs off, snapped the tow line by taking up the slack too fast (luckily I’d told Abdul to keep out of the way in case of exactly such an event), got the line round their prop by letting out too much slack.
I was so frustrated and Josh was furious.
The girls had carried on snorkeling, watching from the water and Josh told them to stay in the water figuring they were safer. The other boat picked them up in the end. We eventually got off the reef.
Poor Abdul was mortified but it’s not his fault the buoy didn’t hold. It’s just typical of the total lack of maintenance to anything in Africa!!
We decided to give up on a days R&R and head to Tanga but when presented with that plan Mary got really upset. She was understandably shook up and wanted off. So she and Bea got their gear and went back to Shimoni with Abdul on the other boat. They asked if I wanted to go too. I said of course not. At no time did I feel we’d been at risk and I wasn’t abandoning Josh to run the boat alone. Kiwi girls are made of stern stuff!!
So Josh and I steamed south, arriving in Tanga Port, Tanzania, about 9pm. We dropped the pick outside the yacht club, having got permission (we thought, transmission was crackly!!) and collapsed in relief. Rum and guava juice with a squeeze of lime juice. Perfect . I can finally charge my phone too.

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