Ruaha – day 3.

25.1.16: I’ve tried so many times to post the next three blogs but they won’t upload with pictures so I’m going to remove the pics and post. Sorry, guys.

Thought for the day – Love is moving shit uphill while standing on your head!!!
This, guys, is what the male dung beetles do!!
I’ve learned so much today and we’ve only done the morning safari!! So there’s 3 types of dung beetles and we watched the Roller dung beetles making balls out of elephant poop, then rolling them to the females at their den to lay the eggs in. They use the back legs to push so seem to end up walking on their front legs. It’s both hilarious and fascinating to see.

I actually truly can’t believe how amazing this country is. Why did I wait so long to come here? Today has, again, been mind blowing. I even felt a bit emotional at one point that I’m here alone. I want to be sharing it with loved ones so we can pour over the memories together later.

I’ll have to try and list things as we go or I’ll never remember! Such a wealth of wildlife.

So far today I’ve seen Great white egret, pigmy falcon,  various hornbills, goshawk, Egyptian goose, saddle billed stork, ostrich, white crowned and crowned lapwing, hammer corp, coucal , kingfishers, various rollers, grey capped social weaver and swallow.
Hippo, elephant, impala, zebra, lions, nile crocodile, giraffe, millipede, water monitor lizard, jackal, mongoose, roller dung beetles, terrapin, baboons, black faced monkeys.


At one point we drove round a corner and I saw what looked like a muddy pool with a rock in it. The rock suddenly launched itself up and resolved into a huge male Hippo!! I cannot describe my excitement. Kathy told me is rare to see them out of the water in daylight.


We visited a waterhole full of them later on.
Fan’s knowledge is astounding. I’ve soaked up all he’s had to tell me and I’ve yet to stymie him with a question. Not only about the big animals but the birds, bugs and plants.
I had a moment of glory spotting a lioness and her cub resting by bushes. It was too far away to photograph with this phone but I got some with my camera.
Both Fan and Kathy have expressed pleasure at taking someone on safari who loves the whole thing, the plants and animals. They said a lot of visitors are just ticking off their bucket list and don’t really seem to feel the sense of oneness with nature that I think you’d have to be dumb to miss!!
This is truly a special place.


Siesta time now, and we’ll go out again later. It sure is hot!!

PM: Sand Grouse, ring necked dove, hyarox and an African Fish Eagle were the new species for the afternoon.
We whiled away a lot of time watching elephant, zebra and giraffe families with their young. Then got serious hysterics over the antics of roller dung beetles!!!

We finished the day eating local fare on the verandah, watching the light fade.
I was escorted back to my bungalow by two armed guards. It was pitch black and I could barely see them. They made me walk in the middle. It was pretty cool, lol. I wanted to know what their rifles were but got a very male look that said “why do you want to know? You’re a woman”  and a terse “semi” which didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already!!
Guess these guys think most white women are generally inept!!
Another magic day in paradise closes.

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