Ruaha – day 5

Asante sana, Ruaha.
My last morning safari. We leave after lunch 😥

All the animals came out to see me off, I think. Even some I hadn’t seen before – Marabou stork, Fire finch, & a Sun bird.
As we drove, I pondered all I’d seen and everything Fan has told me. It has been a truly unique and life changing experience. I feel very emotional, in fact.
A bachelor group of elephants gave me my last hoorah!! They were fooling around in a muddy water hole, showing off and putting on a great display.
The drive out was extremely hot and bumpy. I read most of the way. We got to Iringa about 5pm and I checked in and showered before dinner. Kathy and Fan took me to a delightful Italian restaurant. Wonderful to have a change from rice and beans!! Swahili food is nice but not varied.



Goodbye Ruaha. Kia Kaha!!

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