Walk and Swim Tour

It’s 0600 and I can’t sleep. Backs giving me jip on this hard bed. It’s flat calm outside, the sea lapping gently against the hull.
We had an awesome afternoon yesterday. We were taken on a walk and swim tour of a mangrove swamp by a woman who has lived here for thirty years, having come out when she wasn’t much younger than me.
Josh’s friends, Michelle and Bernie, plus their daughters, Lola and Yana, arranged it with her. Another sailor, Jacques, came and two Norwegian girls who are here working with the peace corp. Also an expat kiwi, Kim and her South African husband, Mark.
So we walked through the mangroves with Mama Cibyll telling us all about the plants and animals scuttling round. She also showed us a local witch doctors hut and shrine where local people pay large sums for spells.
Than we came to the estuary river and just jumped in. We floated on the current for the next 2 or 3 hours, chatting as we drifted. It was marvelous. So relaxing. Such an interesting bunch of people. I’m very impressed with Lola and Yana. The family lives on the boat, sailing the world and they do correspondence from New Zealand. Such articulate and broad minded girls (aged 11 and 14).
We popped up on land again near Mama Cibyll’s house. She showed us a salt farm. Then we went back to her home, a beautiful setting looking out to sea. We had cold beer and cider, followed by delicious traditional swahili food made by a local girl she employs.
Came back to Rangi pleasantly exhausted and happily full!! Josh seemed to have relaxed a bit. The sailing community is very generous spirited. By days end we had volunteers to help fix Rangi and we’d offered to help Mama fix her catamaran. She still has her boat though seldom gets out now. So we’re taking her out after fixing her rigging next Wednesday.


2pm. Josh and I have just been cooked waffles for breakfast by Lola and had a very enjoyable mornings conversation with the family. Some great philosophical discussion.
We’ve come ashore to use the yacht club WiFi and showers!! Josh took some teasing from the girls re personal hygiene! Not that he gives a toss.
Stefan came over to Rangi this morning nursing sore ribs after a drunken attempt to get on board his boat!! He didn’t get a lot of sympathy!! An offer of codeine is all!! Which he refused and thus initiated a fist thumpingly male display of approval from Josh!! Omg!!

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