Flattery gets you every where!!

Boy, do the Swahili men love Mzungu women!!
Every where you go the lads, and disturbingly young ones, try to chat one up!!
I think I’ve mentioned before that age is meaningless here, and appearance and body shapes are equally unimportant. Western society could take a few lessons. People are just generally accepting.
However it does get tricky to try and be kind while turning down various sweet offers to show me round town etc etc!! So now when we’ve got through the pleasantries “mambo” “poe” “habari” “nzuri, asante” and some young chap with the massive smile looks at Josh, makes big shapes with his hands and says “boyfriend?”, I just nod and they give up!! Josh smirks and we move on!! When Lynsay arrives we’ll have to tell them we both belong to him, lol!!
We’re in Tanga today helping Frenchman Chris from the SY Taitoon buy a cell phone. At least Josh is. I’m sitting out side deflecting the attention of the locals!! It’s too cold in the shop which has the air con set at 18. brrrr!!
Yesterday we walked round trying to get supplies for the boat but couldn’t get epoxy or plywood anywhere. I did get my plane tickets to Zanzibar. I’ve also changed my Kenyan shillings to Tanzanian shillings on the black market. Plus a bottle of decent Scottish Whisky for $US9!!
It’s now 1030 and I’m sitting in the shade discussing rifles with the shop security guard while Josh helps Chris buy groceries!! Seriously, guys give girls gyp for taking a long time over things but omg, these two are a million times slower than I ever am. And keeping track of Chris is like keeping tabs on a two year old!! He ricochets off in all directions!!
I have far better things to do than wait for them all morning!!
1120: Finally back and just in time to help Cibyll fix her boat. Well, the others are. I need to go pack and get my pack over shore side.

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