Sailing Again

I arrived at Kendwa without any problem. Humped my pack the couple of kms from the bus stop to the beach. Found the hotel near where the girls are as my landmark, the wandered onto the beach to find them. Saw Ibis straight away and walked towards her. Then I heard my name shouted and Chapsie and Ali piled out of a dhow next to Ibis. It was great to see them.
We went to a bar and waited for Bea and Mary who had gone into town. Had a really nice evening catching up.
Chapsie and Ali said they were heading to Mafia island the next day, if I wanted to come.
So now it’s Saturday afternoon and we’ve nearly been going 12 hours. Had a stunning day on the water. I had a quick swim when we stopped for lunch. We’ll be anchoring in a bay at the southern tip of Zanzibar soon, for the night.
Sunday – Chaps got me a room for the night in the local village which was so good of him. My adventurous spirit balked a bit at sleeping on Ibis. She is only 21ft long. So we all had a delicious shower and awesome local food. The guys slept on the yacht. Rained too, poor things.
The young lad who helped us find my room seemed to think a suitable reward was for him to stay the night with me. My God, these guys!! With extreme patience I said “How old are you?”  “20” he replied. I’m sure I rolled my eyes. I got out my phone and showed him a photo of Matt and Danny. “These are my sons. I’m old enough to be your mother. So I will be sleeping by myself, thank you”!!!
Under way again in the dark at 0530. Kwaheri, Zanzibar!!
It’s now 1400 and man, this is an awesome little boat. We’ve been hitting 16 knots. Bloody amazing. Just had to reef the sail but still getting 10 knots. Great sailing conditions. I’ve given another offering to the old man of the sea. He now has two of my hats and a pair of ruddy expensive glasses!! We were gifted with stronger winds in return. Cheers, Poseidon!!
I’ve had some really great philosophical discussion with Chaps and Ali. They are Islamic so we’ve had great religious debate which of course led to very entertaining discussion on sexual practices. They can have more than one wife so I naturally said why can’t I have more than one husband?!! We had a lot of laughter over that topic.
We have another hour or two till we reach the island we’re going to anchor at tonight. Please can we just get good food and no randy young swahili men today?!!

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