Well, here I am in Zanzibar! I’m staying at a place called Manch Lodge in the old Stone Town area. It’s really cool, narrow alleys in all directions which I’m sure I’ll get lost in.
I spent the evening talking first to an American guy called Bo and later to a German couple. Really lovely pair – Benedict and Leo. Leo went to bed early but Ben and I stayed up drinking whisky!! It was such a hot night and impossible to sleep until the small hours when the heavens opened and we had an awesome thunder storm. It was an incredibly loud and bright display!!
This morning we all met at breakfast. Very basic fare. An egg, a bit of toast and a pancake thing. None of it particularly tasty but food!!
Since the weather isn’t conducive to roaming the town, I got myself some pampering. Had a massage, which is very different to home, and then got henna decorations on my left hand and foot!! Sana poe!! Very cool!!

The guy whose family owns this place, Cholo, said I mustn’t wet my henna today so he went out and bought me lunch. People really go out of their way to help mama mzungu (white girls)!! I find it rates uncomfortably with me but it’s just the way it is. I just make sure I express my gratitude and tip well if someone’s been especially helpful.
Ben and Leo have gone to the market in rain coats! Leo looks such a dag. She has really long dreads and piercings everywhere but still looks so cute! Benedict is pretty handsome and has some really gorgeous tattoos on his left leg and arm, very intricate and superbly done. They’re such a colourful duo. I’ll get a photo of them later.


This is Ben and Leo. If Ben looks stoned it’s coz he is, lol. Bufti on the balcony.
I’ve been indulging in that wonderful female pastime!! Retail Therapy!! Yes, got the whanau some gifts and got myself some Tanzanite, woop woop!!
The town really is interesting. So much history, a lot of it sobering, to do with the slave trade. The spice shops are incredible, row on row of colour. Cholo was a big help making sure I didn’t get ripped off. He’s swahili but his family are pretty well off and he spends 3 or 4 months in London annually.

I’m going to Kendwa this afternoon and meeting up with Bea and Mary. I think Chaps and Ali are there too. Should get some sailing in as Ibis is anchored there.

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