On the move!

11th February – Samira, Chaps and Omar took me to the Kariakoo Markets yesterday afternoon. What an amazing place. Streets and streets of vendors, so many colours and products. Music everywhere that makes you itch to dance in the streets. Samira and I did, and got cheers and laughter from the guys around us. We shopped till we dropped!! Chaps and I needed entire wardrobes, of course, plus gifts for Ali’s family. Got Samira and Omar things as well.
After the markets we taxied to the Slipway and settled in a restaurant there. First drinks in a while and a toast to Ali, and new friends. I messaged Mini and she came straight down to join us. It was wonderful to see her and she promised us all help of any kind if we needed it. I truly have been blessed to meet such delightful new friends here.
We were later back to Samira’s Mums place than we should have been and she’d cooked us a lovely meal. Then a cold shower and bed.
This morning Chaps decided his new trou were a bit too snug, though I thought they looked pretty fine, lol. So we taxied back into town, had iced coffee at the Holiday Inn cafe, entitlement to free WiFi! And the others went back to the markets. I badly wanted time to message home and everyone. This was the first consistent WiFi I’d found in ages. So I had a lovely bit of R&R internetting. Managed to post the things I’d written since Zanzibar, including the account of our harrowing sea survival. I wanted to get something special for Samira too and found some sweet emerald studs in the hotel jeweler. Perfect, she wears green so well. She loved them too.
In case you’ve wondered, this is my original cell phone. Talk about a vote for the Lifeproof case. After 30hrs of being wet, it started straight up. Amazing. Camera and binoculars are dead. Sorry Igor! I’ll buy you new ones.
Then it was on the bus for Chaps and I, to head for Tanga, 6 hours North of Dar. We watched a hilarious movie on the bus, I read my book and we slept. Didn’t arrive till 9pm and the yacht club bar was nearly empty. No sign of Josh, though I was sure I recognised Rangi’s masthead light out in the bay.
So I rented us rooms for the night in the hotel across the road.
12th February: We both slept in this morning and met for breakfast about 9am! There’s four obviously related cats in residence here who watch hopefully as you eat. We succumbed to their big eyes last night so they felt entitled to plague us this morning. No joy this time. I wanted my sausages!!
Then down to the beach to find Josh. A local guy was just heading out fishing so Chaps collared him and he rowed out to Rangi and roused them. (Just a note, ladies, if you’re travelling alone anytime here, hook up with a swahili man! So useful to have a fluent speaker at hand!! Plus it’s their culture to really look after a girl… )
Josh appeared shortly and collected us up. We met Linsay, really great lass, and caught up on each others news. Josh had shaved, lol. He was so annoyed, he had to for some ID or other!! So the pirate look took a hit.
Then we headed back ashore, thinking to get our gear and take it to Rangi. However I decided to shout Chaps and I rooms for the next two nights. We’ve got a fair bit of stuff to take to Lamu and the thought of trying to be comfortable in Rangi with all the floor plates up and mess everywhere, was too much. We’re still easily tired, though Chaps won’t admit it, and I think we need decent sleep. Well, this old bird does!!!
Chaps and Josh have gone into town. I’m relaxing.

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