Peponi Beach

Saturday 13th February.
Today we’re having a lazy day at the beach. A friend of Josh’s, Werner, drove us in his land cruiser to this place. There’s eight of us which is fun. Neat bar, so I’ve just had a mojito, very refreshing pre lunch bevvie!!! Have to learn to make these. Bernie is so sweet, he’s in total shock over what happened to Chaps and me. Michele and the girls are still in Zanzibar.
Peponi means paradise and it’s not far off. We’ve had a lovely day: great food, fresh water swimming pool and good company. We’ve watched the tide go out and now it’s coming in again. I still have absolutely no desire to go into it!!!
Funny that!!
There’s a gorgeous steel grey tom cat in the bar. Chaps and I have been spoiling him, against the rules I think, but no one has the heart to tell us off. We might be exploiting our status a little!!
I did have a swim in the fresh water pool, after two mojitos and about four savannas!! Chaps and I went for a walk on the beach to the fishing village. They had the days catch of sardines drying on mats on the beach. Poe!
I’m feeling very concerned about what has gone into the NZ Herald at home. I’m really not happy Matt did this without asking me. I did not want it and had ideas of my own. It is my event and I should have been in charge of how it was used. Still its done now. I just hope it doesn’t cause me problems.


One thought on “Peponi Beach

  1. Dearest Sas have read through all your blog now. News of your tragedy broke to me beside the Hawea River. You are such a special, talented and caring person and to have to fight for your and others lives and come through commands great respect. I am so sorry you couldn’t get Ali through as well and I know how hard you would have tried. There is a little verse on a hill by the school hut that I might have recited to you in the past and it is so apt.
    “The wise seek pleasure in the mountains, the virtuous in the sea, where sift in their dangers, the meaning of life ,that alone makes wisdom possible”
    Safe travels and love from NZ


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