Thanks to

27th June 2016.
When I arrived home from East Africa, I set up a givealittle fund raiser to try and help Ali’s family, given they had lost their primary bread winner.
The fund raiser closes on July 1st. We have raised nearly NZ$3000. A huge thank you to everyone who so kindly donated. Special mention must be made to the Mobile Surgical Services group who donated a whopping $1000. I have forwarded the money to Chapsie and he has faithfully reported how he divided it among the family. Most has obviously gone to Faisa and the kids, but some to Ali’s Mum for the rest of the family and also to the mother of Ahmed, the young man who died from muscular dystrophy while I was there. He was Ali’s nephew.
So, my fellow Kiwis have helped see them through a really tough time and they have messaged frequently with gratitude and love.
Faisa is out of the long mourning period required of her, so can now get out and about, see the sun set and live a little again!

Faisa is in the blue and white head  scarf. 

I talk to Chaps regularly on video messaging. It’s great to see his big smile and hear the local Lamu news.  Everyone is well, if feeling a bit frustrated with unseasonal windy weather, keeping the boats on their moorings. His son, Said, is now walking round holding onto the furniture. He’ll be one year old in September.
So, my African Family is well and happy. And I miss them.

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