Bucket List Heading North! 

With my heart still dragging the feet, so to speak, in Africa, my next trip takes me in the opposite direction really. I’m off to Alaska, so a more different experience would be hard to find. 

I’m actually going at the behest of a friend, a relative in fact,  who’s had a brush with the dreaded Ca. It’s something that’s been on his bucket list of places to visit and I’m the lucky one  he’s asked to go with him!! 

It’ll be a total change from the back packing trip to Africa, with nice places to stay and a cruise on a fancy ship to finish the adventure. I said “If this boat looks like sinking, I’m heading for the bar! The water will be too damn cold for swimming!”

It will be an awesome trip and I’m really looking forward to it, but I must admit, a chunk of my heart just wants to go straight back to Africa!! Next year!! 

So I’ve got my e-visas sorted, online which makes it easy, and the requisite six months left on my passport!! Tickets booked and paid for, warm clothes ready!! Must remember togs. Bound to find a hotel with a pool or sauna! 

30 days till take off on adventure number two of 2016. Aren’t I  the lucky chick!! 

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