After shock? 

I’ve decided our brains are the most weirdly wired bit of equipment around. 

Yesterday we had our Plastics study day – a really great day, I might add – and amongst the fantastic presentations was one on burns. So there I am, listening away, fascinated and horrified by turns, when a picture is put up of a young black guy, intubated, for debridement of his facial burns. Now his burns were way worse than what Chaps and I got, but it pushed some damned button in my head, and next thing I know I have tears running down my face. 

WTF is that all about? Why should I get upset about injuries that didn’t  stress me at the time, seven months later? Who knows. Maybe it’s just realising how lucky we are, subconsciously .   Maybe coz he looked like a beardless Chaps and I miss my friend. 

This was taken about ten days after our accident so our  faces were   healing  nicely. Still keeping out of the sun, though. 

We had a peri-op study day last Saturday too. One of our anaesthetists presented on the portable anesthetic machine he and a friend have developed for third world use. It’s very clever. 

He’s Dr. John Hyndman. The unit closes up into a box you can carry. A wonderful invention. 

Aren’t Kiwis a clever bunch!!  


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