Today was our first full day in Canada. Neither of us slept that well, though the hotel is very comfortable. 

After arriving yesterday we went for a bit of a walk to get the blood flowing and check out our surroundings. It’s so weird arriving before we left, so to speak, gaining more than a day! 

It’s also much warmer than I expected. We are not far from the harbour and it’s seriously pretty. I was captivated by all the sea planes. I’m so looking forward to going on one. 

One of the hotel guys told us about a great restaurant close by, called Chewie’s. It was fantastic. We had oysters as an entre and they were to die for. Massive too, and we really didn’t need anything else. Of course, being a couple of labradors, I persuaded Shane to try the jambalaya, which was equally fine. Didn’t take much persuasion, just saying, hehe. 

The music was superb and there was the coolest chandelier made of wind instruments. Some lovely ladies chatted to us, there for a 40th, and invited us to their after dinner party. We went briefly but the mind was willing and  the body weak, by that stage. Bedtime. 

So today we had a tour arranged, first to Capilano, a massive gorge in an impressively treed Valley. It had a cliff walk and a cool swing bridge which had the faint hearted sqeaking, not me, of course!  

We saw their Great horned owl, and  Harris and Coopers Hawks which the guys had on leather gloves. Beautiful birds. 

Next to GROUSE MOUNTAIN, via a gondola. Unfortunately it was foggy so we didn’t get the view which would’ve been awesome, but we did see our first bears. 

Home, suffering jet lag, for a wee relax before going out for dinner. Just watched a cruise ship to out. That’ll be us in a couple of weeks. 

Footnote : We seem to have established a few nicknames. I won’t tell you which ones belong to whom, but they include scribe, packhorse, labrador….. 



One thought on “VANCOUVER 3.9.16

  1. Happy belated Kiwi Fathers Day; Yoda Son 🙂
    Thanks for the email. I’ll be tracking your adventures!
    Be safe.


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