Good bye Bear Lodge  

It’s 0650 on Thursday 8th September and we’re on a small plane flying back to Vancouver, before a connection to Anchorage later this morning. 

Yesterday, our last day at Great Bear Lodge, was marvelous. Shane didn’t come on the morning trip to the hide and missed the best viewing of the trip! A mother bear came with two cubs, and totally showed off for us. It was a gorgeous spot with an island in the river. She did a lap round it, walking right in front of us. Needless to say cameras were clicking madly. I sat next to Marcus and he told me so much more about them than I can remember, lol. 

Then a bigger female came out and got too close for the mumma bears liking. They had a bit of a show down, baring their jaws at each other and growling, before the mumma bear backed off and disappeared with her cubs. We saw quite a few other bears as well. A truly awesome morning. 

Shane had enjoyed his rest though, and had seen a couple of Orcas that cruised into the bay. After lunch we went out in the boats again. This time I didn’t have the least twinge of worry. Bizarre. It was bucketing rain so we geared up in water proofs. 

It was beautiful out, in spite of the wet, misty and pouring waterfalls by turn. We saw seals, bald eagles, a peregrine falcon, a raven with its stunning blue black plumage, the every present gulls  and crows, as well as spawned salmon a heart beat from death. I felt rather sorry for them. Marcus picked us some wild crab apples, which were  tart but tasty. I think I was the only one who really liked them. 

Back to dry off and pack, ready for the Geese to fly in at 1530!! Amazingly they made it through an easing in the weather. I was flying with Ryan again but let someone else have the co pilots seat, lol. Such sacrifice, huh!! There were hugs all round saying goodbye, such neat people. Marg runs a tight ship and should be proud of what they do. I stole a couple of boy hugs from Marcus, in the absence of my guys!! He put up with it very sweetly. 

The whole crew was staying the night in Port Hardy, so we met for dinner at Sporty’s bar. I had halibut, which was raved  about. It was very nice but not as good as tuna, I don’t reckon. With an early start this morning, Shane and I didn’t stay late. I hope we get a visit from the guys we met on this trip. I’m pretty sure we’ll see Dan and Dani or Tim and Mandy in NZ sometime!!   

I managed to check messages from home and tried to ring Matt on messenger but the WiFi isn’t strong enough. Sounds freezing at home. We’ve found it much milder here than expected, so a real bonus! 

So ends  phase one of the trip! Next stop Alaska!!                       

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