Alaska Railroad Ride 



Yesterday was a much needed rest day!! We got up late, one of us feeling the effects of a very indulgent evening!! Just saying!! 

We got a cab to a laundrette and did a much needed catch up on clothes washing. The crazy machines only took quarters which meant changing notes into a ton of shrapnel just to get the required $3.50. While it was washing, then drying, we walked the local area, not wildly exciting but exercise at least. That’s something that’s been in limited supply so far, lol. 

Brunch was at a local alehouse, recommended by the hotel sommelier. So far the foods been amazing, which is both a good thing and a bad thing!! Pretty lazy day otherwise, and an early night. I didn’t sleep well though, which I’m paying for right now!!

So today! Truly fantastic. The train, Alaskan Rail Road, is super cool. Shane had booked us on the gold star service, which meant we were upstairs with a glass roofed carriage and a private viewing balcony. Awesome!! I have to keep saying that coz one of the English couples we met at Great Bear Lodge hated the way Americans talk. I like it and can’t resist a wee stir. So everything is more awesome than usual, haha. 

We had a late breakfast on the train, scrambled eggs with reindeer sausage and pulled pork, onions and red peppers. Plus, just coz the conductor, Daniel, said they made awesome bloody Mary’s, one of those too!! Yes, I know, at breakfast, really!??!! 

The object of the exercise, the scenery, is stunning. Truly like NZ on steroids. Some of the vistas could’ve been up the Waimak river, just huge, vast. We’ve had the most sterling weather today. One of the tour guides, Matt, said we’d joined the 30% club, as most people don’t get clear enough days to see Mt McKinley/Denali. So lucky. And it’s warm. A lovely mild Autumn day. Oh, sorry, faaaall. With skies like this I’ve got everything crossed I’ll see the Northern Lights tonight. I so want to. 

We arrived in Talkeetna around 11am. Shanes suggested a flight, since the weathers so perfect, around Denali. Well, you know I didn’t  need any encouragement! Thats why God made planes, to see the mountains. None of this struggling up cold, snowy and dangerous rock faces to see them. Naturally I got the co pilots seat again.

One of the highest peaks here, just to the left of Denali, in the photos, is Mt. Hunter. So I claimed it. Bound to be related!! Over 14,500 feet. Denali is over 20,000 feet. AWESOME!! 

After the flight, we cruised the huge metropolis of Talkeetna, which took a couple of minutes. It’s a very quaint little place and the museum was interesting. Man, they must’ve been a hardy bunch who settled this area. 

They even tried to domesticate moose, poor bloody animal! We had a yummy late lunch, chatting to a honeymoon couple, who got a ton of inappropriate advice, as you can imagine!! 

Now reclining, with an unparalleled view, with a wee dram, fancy that. 




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