10am – Having ascertained that we got both lunch and dinner on the train, we headed down to a light breakfast. A pile of scrambled eggs, bacon, reindeer sausage, sliced ham and coffee later, we lumbered down to await our lift to the train station. Self control seems to elude us!! 

It’s bucketing with rain today and yesterday’s beautiful mountains a mere memory. We have a nine hour train ride, getting into Fairbanks at 8pm.

2300 – The train trip was great, way better than I expected. The weather lifted enough along the way to see some of the scenery and we meet two great couples, who live here. Mike and Lesley, with their little boy Seth, and Shawn and Bethany. Both guys are military. Mike is army and Shawn is a photo journalist in the air force. We’re foregoing our programmed day tomorrow, to spend it with them. 

I’ll let the photos speak for the trip, otherwise. 


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