Princess Tour Bus day 1 

We’ve been in the bus about 3 minutes, haven’t even moved off yet, and I’m thinking Shane and I are in for a character building experience.

Our tour director is called Jack and the driver is Doug, I think. The average age is about 20 years older than me. Mmm.

Jacks just pointed out a place called Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn. Half way between Fairbanks and Nenana. Shane had alternative names but I’ll leave that to your imagination!!

We’re told it’s cold and dry in winter. Everything freezes. Rivers become roads. Only 11.5 inches of precipitation annually. There’s light permafrost year round. It is interesting having Jack tell us about the area as we go.

There’s an enormously over weight guy on board who uses clothes pegs to pin a napkin to his shirt during a meal. We nearly died laughing, seeing him last night for the first time.

J. Hammond, previous governor – book called Alaskan Bush Rat Governor. This guy was a bushman who reluctantly went into politics due to disillusionment at the encumbents. Did a good job it seems, and his autobiography is apparently worth reading.

Black Spruce covers most of Northern Alaska. They like growing on permafrost. Lots of Birch also, which are golden just now. It’s really pretty. Having got to our rooms we get a nice view over the river Nenana and can see fresh snow on the mountains.

We have the afternoon to relax and a dinner music experience tonight. If my drugs work, in my case.

The standards of hotels here are interesting. This is supposed to be a 4 star deal. But everything’s pretty basic. It’s still nice but things like glasses, bottled water, dressing gowns, fridge, mini bar, etc that we’d expect at home, are not necessarily included. It is the end of their tourist season too so the enthusiasm level is low in service, lol. Still, everyone’s pretty friendly and helpful.

Just back from dinner which was kind of like an average high school musical. We’ve got friendly with a nice couple from Sydney, John and Lee. We decided it wasn’t so much our thing, apart from being way too loud, which hasn’t helped my head. More drugs, great nurse attitude. They were sweet kids, though, doing the show, and good on them for working their way through college.

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