17.9.16 to Cruise 

We’re heading, on the train, to  Whittier to get on our cruise ship, Star Princess. Our guide tells us that in   1964 an earthquake caused the land to drop 12 feet. The town of Portage practically vanished, never to be reestablished. The quake was 9.2M. Epicentre was 40 miles from Whittier, in Prince William Sound. For those of us from Christchurch, that’s a sobering thought. 

This is also the location of the 1987 Exon Valdees oil spill. There is still no fishing because of it and therefore no livelihood for many people.  

SUNDAY 18th. Getting settled on board, having a wee explore and dinner last night was awesome. I felt a bit of a kid, dancing from one exciting part of the ship to another. Shane had made some crazy statement about abstaining from wine for the day but I said we had to celebrate the start of the cruise. First time I’ve been on a ship Not working!! And how, lol. 

Our suite is very nice, port side aft,which is perfect as we can watch the imposing coast go by. And awe inspiring it is. Huge mountain ranges all the way, snow capped, and whales showing off about half a mile port side. We have a wee balcony, table and chairs, to watch the world go by. I can barely feel the movement of the ship but I’ve met a couple of seasick passengers. 

We bumped into the Captain, going to breakfast. I recognised the rank slides, of course, about turned, bowled up to him and said “Good morning, sir. I had to say hello to a fellow sailor. I’m ex Navy.” Haha. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! He was really decent and we chatted, and I got an invite to the bridge, woop woop!!! Shanes shaking his head and grinning the whole time. 

Later, he signed my book on Alaska for me and I got a photo of us together, hehe. He’ll remember cheeky Sarra from NZ!! 

We hit the gym before breakfast, would you believe. Paying for future sins, no doubt! There’s food and drink everywhere, in fact a couple of ladies got into the lift with us at about 10am, already tiddly, lol.   

We’re averaging 17 knots. Right now, 1215, we have Mt Elias to our left, at an elevation of about 18000ft. The CO says we’ll be at the Hubbard Glacier about 1600.  The scenery should be amazing as we’ve got a superb day, unseasonably good, we’re told. Still, it’s a fresh 13°C.

The glacier was every bit as mind blowing as you could imagine. We are so close to it. I even got video of it calving a chunk of ice. 

Later we attended the Captains champagne water fall. He’s an engaging speaker. I went up and poured  the champagne into the top glass, making the waterfall flow. Such fun. I’d just rejoined Shane and our Aussie friends, John and Lee, when Mikele, the captain, walked straight to us. I have him a hug and  peck on the cheek, thanking him for a wonderful day. I introduced him to the others and he stayed to talk with us for a while, asking me to give him a copy of the ice calving. A very personable man, easy in his role .

We’re dining with the Aussies and then I’m going to the club, alone, lol!! I feel the need for younger entertainment. 

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