Cruise Day 4 – Juneau 

It’s the 21st I think, and we’ll be letting go our lines soon, leaving Juneau. We had dinner last night with our new found friends, which was more than a few laughs. They decided to watch a movie about 9pm,so I  headed to bed,to be lazy and read my book. At 1035 I poked my head out into the balcony, as the CO had said we should be passing Point Retreat lighthouse about then. Bingo, there it was, blinking happily in the clear night. Good NavO!

I did not sleep. We won’t dwell on that. My coughing kept me awake, drat it. This morning I wandered into town to hunt out some half way decent WiFi. Limited success but enough to get off a couple of blogs and, hopefully, a happy birthday to Mum. 

I returned to the ship for lunch and a nana nap, no luck again, so now have eyes like the proverbial in the snow!! Not good, as I have a visit to the bridge, thanks to our kind captain taking pity on a cheeky kiwi lass!! Should be cool.   

0600 22nd Sept 

I didn’t get my visit to the bridge with Michele in the end, as the fog rolled in and he was preoccupied with ship safety, naturally. But the bridge secretary rang me to say he’d be in touch with other plans. It’s very good of him to humour a fellow sailor! 

I had a wine with Jason, then joined Shane and the others for dinner. But my head was full off flu, in spite of the fireball Earl bought me!! It’s a spicy cinnamon whisky and damned good too!! I bailed, took a cocktail of drugs to combat symptoms and sleeplessness, and crashed. Slept till 0530 thank God, so will hopefully feel better today. 

It’s been a windy night and the ship could actually be felt to move, lol. But it’s so stable you hardly know you’re at sea. It has four huge diesel electric rotatable props, so is very manoeuvrable for such a massive vessel. We’re coming in to Ketchikan for the day. I’d rather be at sea.   

Alongside Ketchikan! Coffee in the Internet Cafe. Weak WiFi!! 

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