Cruise Day 5? Ketchikan 

22nd September 

I seem to have accidently deleted my last couple of days writing, probably trying to upload it using the woefully inadequate WiFi here. 

So the abbreviated version is that the last two days have been spent sailing between Skagway and Juneau, then to Ketchikan. We’ve missed a lot of scenery sailing overnights and having the days in port. 

Really pretty towns, but you know me, I’d rather be at sea. Not much of a shopper. I will say the towns are beautifully maintained and traditional. 

The weather has been incredible till this afternoon. Pouring now. We sail at 1730ish today, for Vancouver. Shane and I get a bridge visit in the morning, thanks to my new friend and our captain, Michele.  It’s very good of him to humour a fellow sailor. 
We’ve seen Humpback and Orca whales, sea lions and seals, dolphins and sea birds galore. 

The bridge visit was awesome. I got serious tech envy, especially over their radar. You could pretty much solely navigate from it, lol.   

Captain Michele Tuvo and myself!  


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