Ok… So Labour weekend approaches and what is a girl to do? Follow the links for great ideas on Facebook and post an idea. 

And Hell Yeah, awesome nurses we are… Colleague, partner in crime, my friend from Auckland has flown down and joined me on a roady. 

This is Paulette, btw. Sandy takes one on all her trips, OE or NOT!! 

So I  collected  her off the plane this morning and we’ve got to Blenheim before food and wine called. We did stop to look for seal puppies but they weren’t cooperating. Cool water fall though. 

Anyway we had a spot of door trouble and one of the drawers keep flying open en route. 

Course, being good practical Kiwi girls and nurses to boot, I got out the multi tool, Sandra removed the drawer, and we fixed it. And the door. 

The question now is, do we charge for our time and skill, lol? 


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