Saturday 22nd October. 

I guess I can claim this for my sailing blog, I mean, we will be on the sea, right?! The fact that it’s the Interisland ferry is beside the point! And as Sandra generously pointed out, we probably won’t sink!! 

  Beautiful crossing and very efficient with the drive on and off the ship. 

We headed north over the Rimutakas, me driving. I figured I’d I drove the first couple of days, and Sandra drove the last two, we’d maximise our sight seeing of country we weren’t familiar with!! 

We had a couple of stops, to check out the wild life sanctuary north of Masterton and to get a real fruit ice cream. Gotta do that on such a great spring day!! We got to Vicki’s place about 7pm. She had others friends there and we all had a fun night. Most glued to the rugby, the All Blacks annihilating Aussie again, though I hung out in the kitchen with Vicki. 

Sunday 23rd October 

Slept like a log in Vicki’s spare room. Sandra elected to stay in the camper and said it was OK. After a leisurely breakfast we took the notorious route through Napier – Taupo road. Sandra drove so I could check out the scenery. It was very dramatic and wild. Be a hard life farming in there, I reckon. 

It didn’t  take long to get to Taupo where we had lunch. Really healthy, pizza! Taupo had become a crazy tourist town. It’s grown hugely since I was last here, 23 years ago, lol. I was pregnant with Danny. Wow.  

We pushed on to Rotorua, stopping at a free hot  pool that Vicki’s neighbour had told us about. It was awesome. There’s something pretty amazing about sitting in a creek that is naturally hot. The area didn’t smell as sulphurous as I expected. As we drove through the town, checking out options, I commented that a massage would be great after the hot pool soak. Literally moments later Sandra spotted a market in the park and there was a tent for Thai massage!! Bloody perfect. We both paid the 20 bucks for 20 minutes and got a really fantastic massage for way  longer than 20 minutes. Bliss!!

We settled in at the local Top 10 camp site and cracked the wine. It must’ve evaporated or something coz it wasn’t long before we realised we’d run out. In need of another bottle and not feeling the least inclined to walk 1.3kms to the nearest bottle store, I came up with an inspired plan. Grabbing a tenner from our kitty I went door to door!! A lovely young man at the 3rd camper along  agreed to sell me a bottle of red!! Ten points for ingenuity!! Happy campers again. 

Monday 24th October 

Labour Day!! Hooray for a long weekend. We had arranged to meet a friend of Sandra’s for coffee. While having brunch with her, she’s got a phone call to say her Dad had died. It was heart breaking. We sent her off to be with her family. 

We hit the road, after a walk round the town, stopping  in Cambridge and a wee place that had corrugated iron sheep and a dog. 

Then on to Hamilton. We visited the gardens there. Very impressive. 

Sandra rang her nursing friend, who we stayed with for our last night. It was lucky we did as she gave us directions to avoid the motor way and as we took that route we could see stationary traffic on the main road. 

Tuesday 25th October 

We had a great evening with Noeline and her family. Set the alarm for 0530, allowing heaps of time to get to the airport, but only just made it!! Raised the blood pressure rather!! I felt bad leaving Sandy  to sort out the camper but it couldn’t be helped. 

All in all , a great trip and I totally recommend doing a transfer ! ! 


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