Remembrance & Acceptance

March 13 2017

So the anniversary of my trip to East Africa and our boating accident has been and gone. My talk was fine and the whiskies helped!

The weirdest bit was remembering the time we capsized and then tracking our progress of a year ago for the next thirty hours. It seemed much worse, oddly, thinking back on it and realising just how bloody long it took us to swim to land, than actually experiencing it at the time.

That seemed to trigger something in my brain and I started having nightmares and flashbacks again. I struggled at work for a bit, feeling tearful and tired from disrupted sleep. But with the help of some short working days, temazepam and early nights, I think that has passed again. I haven’t dreamed about it for a couple of weeks now so all is well.

Work has been crazy busy with the new operating theatres coming online and all of us walking what feels like hundreds of extra miles daily from the new block to the old! It has no doubt helped my sleeping!! I have talked to Chaps and messaged with Samira and Mary, plus Bea is coming to NZ at the end of this month, and I can’t wait to see her!

Last weekend my Kenyan friend asked me to a Kenyan lunch in Ashburton. It was great; the people, the food and the welcoming atmosphere. It was good to practice my Swahili too, which is deteriorating!