Ready, about!

I can’t decide whether I’m losing the plot, charmingly eccentric or (this is what I tell everyone!) following a dream!

I had a fairly major operation in June, with superb results (thank you Mr B!), and the ensuing time off gave me way too much time to think – always dangerous!

Sooo, I started researching changes of career, most likely in the environmental science area, and in the process came across a superyacht crewing course. I thought to myself…three years of study, in Invercargill, versus three months of refresher, in Nelson! No competition! After all, the Navy did teach me a fair bit. I made an enquiry, got a phone call from the lecturer (probably because I don’t fit the usual bill of applicants) and a place on the course, starting in February. Hoo-rah!!

I’m alternately super excited and then wondering if I’m completely off my rocker, throwing away a secure job, to go globe trotting. My sons are really supportive, yeah, chips off the block! They love travelling as well. Mum and Dad are so lovely, they don’t tell me I’m nuts but they must think it!! They let me be me. I know one member of my family thinks my lifestyle is a bad reflection on the family, which I confess hurts, since I work hard and don’t hurt anyone, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and I love my whole family so much anyway. My sister is, blessedly, finding her own way solo and, I suspect, finds my unorthodox approach to life a bit liberating. I adore them all. We are all different and should be allowed to live our own lives.

I had a really good week at work. I will miss “the girls”. But I have been restless since I got back from Africa and I think I won’t regret trying this new course. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t love it like I think I will. Big deal. I’ll do something else. Seriously, guys, money and ‘stuff’ is not everything. You gotta try things, take new courses, follow dreams. Life truly is short.

So… new tack! 05.02.18…….yeah,baby!

Wish me luck.