En France!

I have arrived at last. I’m sitting in a cafe having un cafe noir because I don’t know the French for Soya milk! So far my mixture of very rusty French and English have served me well. All I meet are so helpful.

I have discovered that the traffic lights here are tiny and the mountains are much closer than I realised! Apparently I can still go skiing. Maybe I shall.

The couple sitting across from me are from a superyacht, according to his shirt. And she has recently had a chemical peel. I could’ve told her not to, lol, having experienced the result courtesy of the Mafia Channel sun!

And everyone smokes! I’d forgotten this about Europe. In public areas. I’m glad it’s no longer so at home.

My hostess, Nathalie, spoiled me with French bread, delightful soft cheese and coffee, set outside my room this morning. I did actually sleep well, considering the long flight. I didn’t know my room came with being well fed, but I can accept graciously!

I’ve enjoyed my walk along the Waterfront. It’s very picturesque. There are even a couple of dhow rigged yachts. And the lack of tidal movement is real. Pete wasn’t kidding us! I took a photo of the flag staff on the wharf. Those who know their lights will appreciate the humour in this!

One thought on “En France!

  1. Morning..sounds fantastic, lovely you are being spoilt, breakfast sounds delicious, only one day of speaking french, in a week you will be fluent! And the photos are very beautiful, tranquil yatchs and all you have gone over there for. Enjoy your yatching journey darling. Forever love M&Dxxxx


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