It’s 0543 so I guess that means the body clock is adjusting.

Thursday was a bit of a drama. I was supposed to go from my lovely eccentric place with Nathalie to another Airbnb in Antibes. The hostess of the new place wouldn’t give me the house number until I was almost on the way. Then it became clear why! On booking the house showed as being close to the Port. But in fact, being on a very long road, her street number was miles away. It wasn’t a bad place but was filthy, had none of the amenities promised and I wasn’t sharing it with her, as advertised, but with another guy.

So Nathalie rang the Airbnb help desk for me and they said they’d refund if Mila, the hostess agreed. She did and I spent the next few hours chasing alternative accommodation. My Crew House owner, Debbie, got back to me first and said I could come early. I ended up just having the one night at Mila’s, then ubering to Debbie’s.

And I’m so glad I did. Its fantastic. There’s a lovely private internal courtyard, which only guests can access, with a swimming pool. Happy Days! She has chooks and pet rabbits – yes, I know, the only good rabbit is in the pot, but the other girls think they’re cute!

My room mate is a delightful 71 year old British chef, Jackie. She’s an inspiration and imagine the benefits of flatting with a chef?! You all know how much I love cooking!

One met a few of the others here. A nice bunch of English and SA lads who are easy to chat to and seem unfazed by another ancient in their midst wishing to work on deck! The two girls I met seem good girls and want to be stews. They were discussing plastic surgery (in their 20s, you understand?!) and had a million questions when I foolishly mentioned I was a plastics nurse! They’re both gorgeous and SO don’t need a thing done!

The bus leaves from almost outside the gate and you get off a stones throw from the port. It’s €8 for 10 trips. I did a recce of Port Veuban yesterday. Its mind blowing and beautiful. Billions of dollars worth of boats, all shapes and sizes, from an everyday runabout anyone might have to the mega yachts of the super rich! The town itself is the usual mix of quaintly lovely and run down extremely old buildings with narrow winding streets and alleys. In typically French fashion, brightly cheerful baskets of flowers hang every where, distracting one from the centuries of grime these historic places are mired in.

I was going to Dock walk today but might just explore a bit more and maybe sort out my Sim card. And sun bath and swim. It’s one of the lad’s 19th birthday today, so Debbie, Jackie and I decided, over nibbles and wine last night, to do some food for him tonight. The kids can sort the drinks!

There’s pigeons here, like we have gulls. And their cooing is as annoying at 0300 as the roosters in Fiji!

And finally, yes, Matt, the cheese is awesome. 😉

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