Today’s Wednesday 15th May and we’re 3.5 hours into a 15 hour transit from Cyprus to Rhodes again, having left at 0500! We’re missing out Kas Marina in Turkey where we had a night en route to Limassol. That was one of the more beautiful marinas I’ve seen and everyone there was super friendly and helpful. The agent for our team showed up with local food which was awesome. Amy and I found decent local wine and live music of course! So we’re quite sad to miss this stop on the way back!We arrived in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 4th so have had 10 days there. Its been very busy with guys on board almost every day, trying to sort out the ship’s dodgy electrics, amongst other things. Not altogether successfully! We still can’t use more than one appliance at a time.The Boat Show was from the 9th to the 12th inclusive. We worked our butts off and had the ship looking grand. She was the star of the show for Azimut and I think Marios, our lead agent, was very happy with us. He saw how much effort and commitment Amy and I put in. I don’t think it escaped his notice how often Paul was MIA either. Nor the workmen. They seemed very supportive of us girls. Even the guys on the ship next to us called out to Paul yesterday “Captain, why do you work your deckhand too hard? Slowly slowly!” I had to keep my chuckles to myself! But it cheered me up.In general we are working ok together. I think the stress of setting up the new boat and the show have told on the skipper but he’s certainly not trying to upset us, so I feel it will calm down once we’re organised and in France. Amy and I continue to do well together, the only problem for us being, she needs me to help her with the interior and Paul doesn’t even have it on his radar, hogging me 100% for deck. So she’s frustrated at trying to do both the cooking and the interior alone, and I feel bad not being there for her! Not to mention she has barely been able to get in the galley with workmen in there most days. I really hope she doesn’t get so pissed off she leaves coz I’d miss her company. She’s bloody good at this job, all of it.I didn’t get much chance to get ashore and explore unfortunately. Not that that’s unusual. We are, after all, working! But the little forays I did manage promised an interesting and diverse culture I’d like a chance to see more of sometime. The local church is rich and beautifully bestowed. Good local wine in friendly wee cafés were a favourite with us girls. We also indulged in a massage to ease the achy unfit muscles, not long after arriving! That lack of fitness is already a thing of the past. I’m used to the work now and enjoying it, as ever.One thing I’ve noticed again is the lack of marine life. We seen dolphins twice our whole time on board so far. Nothing else other than heaps of mullet. Seems very sad. Though perhaps more disheartening is the volume of plastic we see floating in the sea. It’s no exaggeration those photos you see in the media. The sea is such a gorgeous clear blue this side of the Mediterranean, and here we are spoiling such a wonderful environment.Well, its now 1600 so we’ve been going 10.5 hours. Amy did a delicious brunch of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and avocado for the two of us, and similar sans avo but plus baked beans for Paul. He’s a very traditional British food kind of guy, while we ladies love salads and more exotic fare! I’m back on watch. Paul and I do two hours about. Had a very smooth crossing so far, with the sea state only just starting to chop up a bit now. I’m watching a massive ship pass down our port side about 3nm off, with what looks like an equally big vessel rafted alongside her. Interesting.

2123 – stern to in Mandraki Marina, Rhodes Island

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