Lucky Wave

May has arrived already, which means I’ve been in Europe for a month! How time flies. We are at Rhodes Island, in Greece now, so I’ve been on board for nearly 2 weeks.Paul and I drove in a rental car to join the ship in Fano, Italy. I was a bit nervous about driving in Italy as my memories weren’t complimentary to Italian driving, but I ended up enjoying it! The motorways are good and no one takes the least notice of the speed limits! We drove between 120 and 157kmph most of the time!Our first night was in a hotel but after that, on the boat. Amy was already there and we get on really well, which is great, partners in wine crime!The boat yard did not have boat ready yet so we didn’t leave till Saturday 27th, not helped by it being public holidays on both Tuesday and Thursday that week. We did sea trials finally and she was handed over to us, still not ready in my eyes but Paul accepted it. The compass has not been swung, we have no radios to use on deck, he doesn’t know how to use the Raymarine navigation system, no EPIRB, and almost zero equipment. Any and I did a huge supermarket shop in Fano’s inadequate supermarket, trying to at least get basics like a frying pan and knives for her to cook with.We’ve put in some long days but not too hard really. I’ve done most of the Nav planning and watch keeping. I’m actually not that confident in the captain’s ability. He’s made some very odd navigation decisions and at times hasn’t been able to make a decision. I’ve made it. Even Amy said she doesn’t feel comfortable when he’s on the bridge alone. I’m acting as first officer and getting paid as a lowly deckie, lol!Paul also tends to panic over little things and only give negative feedback, but he’s not horrible about it, so I’m reserving judgement. Hopefully once our stores are complete and everyone’s got to know the boat better, it’ll all settle down. I do think there’s potential for this to be a good team without drama. She’s certainly a nice vessel to work on from my point of view, much easier to clean and run than last year’s vessel! Thank god for a decent anchor system too!So, to date we’ve done day runs from Fano to Termoli, Termoli to Brindisi, then across to Lefkas, a looong day to Athens via the Corinth Canal, then Naxos and finally to Rhodes Island, where we are now. I’ve really enjoyed it. This place is beautiful and the Greek and Italian dockies are so friendly and helpful. Rhodes Island has more than its share of hot guys too, just saying!Amy and I have jumped ashore for a short walk most nights to see a bit of the towns we’re in. After the boats refuelled, watered and washed down, of course!

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