It’s hard to believe our trip to Cyprus is nearly over. St. Brendan and the Greek weather gods have blessed us truly! We’ve had incredibly good weather the whole trip with only one day on a moderate sea.

Last night we stopped in Macinaggio at the top of Corsica. What a stunning wee port town. It was delightful. Amy and I went for a walk and found a smoke grill pizza place, persuading Paul to have dinner there instead of on the ship! So she didn’t have to cook and we had a lovely relaxed evening.

The pizzas were huge and I managed, disgracefully, to eat all of mine without help! We all did. So much for keeping some for lunch today, lol.

I think it would be super awesome to hire a yacht and spend a Summer sailing round Corsica. You boys up for that next year?! Might have to do some research.

We’re having a few days in Antibes to fit out the ship for our owners arrival early next month. There’s so much still to get since we didn’t achieve much in Cyprus, in spite of being told that was where we’d be stocked up. It’s been quite disorganised really. Hopefully we’ll get day workers to help but I’m not holding my breath!

I’m hoping once we’ve got everything in order and have settled in Port Canto, the day to day on board experience will be much better, more relaxed. To date the culture has been nothing like the easy going boat to work on that we were promised! Both Amy and I feel like we have slave branded on our foreheads! The captain is SO messy and we’re constantly picking up after him. It’s really not our job. I asked him one day if he’d got too used to his mother and wife doing it! He didn’t get the hint! He’s a nice person but not the easiest crewmate!

The monitoring VHF radio stations are interesting along this coast. Marine language is supposed to be English. Everyone except the French honour this, making announcements first in English, then in their own language. But the French omit the English, lol! So if you don’t understand them, tough, you don’t know which channel to change to to hear weather warnings etc! Good job I understand!

We have tomorrow off, the first day off since driving to Italy to join the ship on April 23rd. Can’t wait. Plan to do nothing, except catch up with Ruth and Jean – Luc.

2 thoughts on “5 HOURS TO ANTIBES!

  1. Loving the photos and feel like Im almost there with you – sounds and looks amazing!! 😍 x


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