Day Off – Hooray!

It’s July 5th and I’ve been in Europe for over 3 months now. Well, not technically “in Europe” but on this side of the world and gainfully earning my keep again!

We’re now based in Port Canto, Cannes, as I was last year, and have a few Boss trips under our belt. That means the owner and his family has been out with us. They’re lovely, a rarity in this business really. So I’m very grateful. Such nice people and seem to truly appreciate that we try to give them a great experience on their new boat. Makes a lot of other minor irritations fade away.

We’ve done a couple of day trips and one to Italy, with another longer Italian trip planned this coming week. The weather forecast is a little inclement, not enough to put the average Kiwi off, but defs enough to scare my captain. I think I’ve mentioned his abilities before so I won’t digress! I’m learning to live with that. Yes, boys, my patience is getting a work out. And my fellow Kiwi and cook on board has less than me. I count that a win for me!

Jo joined us after Amy quit, unable to tolerate the situation on board, and having been offered her old job. Can’t say I blame her. If I had something better to go to I would too. But I’m realistic. Nurse jobs are few and far between and most captains put me in the stewardess box, sooo not me. I’m happy on deck, albeit for less money than I deserve, haha!

Jo is an ex school teacher. Intermediate and high school science, so another smart girl driven away from her NZ profession by stupid beaurocracy (I think my French and English are merging right now!) and red tape, with the actual job coming second.

My French is doing better. At least this year, people seem to understand me and help me try. I’ve also made a French friend, a local, who’s making me only use French with him. Eventually that will help, I’m sure! He only lets me off when I’m obviously bursting with frustration!

I’ve caught up with lots of friends, had some great time outs with Ruth and made the most of my few days off!

Today I’ve been organising my leave for doing my yacht masters and diving courses. Fingers crossed it’ll all work out.

Meantime, trucking on! Loving the Summer!

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