3+ months on Lucky Wave

The season is flying by! Only two months to go and I’ll be staring at the reality of my Yacht Masters Offshore course! I’ve started the online component, which I must say is pretty easy, and have averaged 98.85% after 7 modules/tests. So this part of it isn’t causing me much stress. I have this weekend off so will do some more.

Fireworks season has got under way since I last blogged, beginning with the Bastille Day celebrations. Stunning display.

The fly bridge is a marvelous place to watch from, wine in hand naturally.

We did a day trip to Beaulieu sur Mer, anchoring and playing with the toys. Fun for me as well as the family! We had 5 adults and 4 kids on board, also for our next trip, to St Tropez overnight. They loved it and both trips counted as successful missions! They had dinner ashore in St Tropez so I did two evening runs in the tender to pick them up. No problems. There’s literally hundreds of vessels anchored outside the port entrance at St Tropez. One of the kids asked how I could find the ship in the dark, so I explained about taking a bearing going into port and reversing it going out! He’s a great lad, full of questions and interested in how we run the boat.

I’ve got to know one of the local freelance captains, Max, and we went out for dinner earlier this week. Good company and great to converse freely with a Frenchman with a global view! He taught me a lot about the politics of France, their medical system and why their attitudes differ so much to the rest of Europe. It was a fantastic evening out.

I’ve got to know the health system a bit for myself the last 10 days! As you know I hurt my nose a couple of months ago. It hasn’t healed properly so I invoked the ship’s insurance policy and trotted of to the doctor. An x-ray, CT scan and specialist visit later, I now know I broke it in two places and the left side is so messed up the ORL doc couldn’t get a scope up it.

He got out this gorgeous wee scope and I went “oooh, nice scope”. My theatre nurse friends will understand my appreciation. He laughed and said “I don’t usually get that response when I bring this out! It’s usually apprehensive fear”. So I had to explain I’m not JUST a sailor!

Anyway he’s given me four different revolting substances to shove or spray up my nostrils and wants to see how it settles in two months. Suits me. I’m too busy now to have surgical intervention. How compliant I am with his goop remains to be seen. I’ve been good so far but it’s only day 2!

There are truly enormous sea gulls here. We call them shite hawks because they make a hell of a mess on our shiny boats! One has just decorated my foredeck – on my day off, the bastard. So I can’t resist cleaning that off. Why can’t they perch on the perfectly good trees everywhere? At least it isn’t as hot to work outside today. It’s only about 28 I think. Yesterday was 36 with 70% humidity.

Over and out till next time!

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