A Deckhand’s Day!

It occurred to me last night when I couldn’t sleep that I could do a post describing a little more fully what I do each day and week!

I mean, you could be forgiven for thinking that a deckie’s life revolves round sun and wine! Certainly the sun has an influence. Access to the latter is a bonus by no means allowed on all yachts! But I’m lucky in as much as my captain this year is pretty relaxed as long as the work is done and we’re capable of doing our job. I’m not much of a night owl in general so it’s no trouble for me! I get up early, knock out the work, then chill.

So this is a list, by no means exhaustive, that I keep in my phone. I do these things on a daily or weekly basis.

As you can imagine the stress levels are WAY down compared to nursing! Straight forward jobs, great view, nice weather. Not bad at all!

Of course, when the Boss and his family is on board it’s full on and long hours. But they’re really lovely and actually don’t use the boat that much.

In case you noticed the few interior memos thrown in there, I’m a deckhand but our cook /stewardess is not a good time manager. So I do most of that too. I really don’t know what she does with her time. It seems to take her all day to do (sometimes) two meals, usually only one as we have lunch leftovers for dinner. And do a wee bit of dusting occasionally. The only time she does proper stewardess stuff is the day after a Boss trip, when there’s usually enough food left over to feed an army, so she has to clean all the cabins. Even then if it involves making beds, I end up redoing them! Without her knowing! She doesn’t have the eye for detail.

She’s a teacher but I’m buggered if I know how she kept up. It takes her hours to meal plan alone. I did that while running up and down corridors getting theatre equipment, in my head, then shopped on the way home and did 3 meals each day for 3 people and anyone who turned up. Plus homework, animals etc etc. So a childless teacher should be able to cope with this light job. But apparently not.

Anyway, rant over.

Port Pierre Canto, where we’re based, is a nice port, though a wee way from Cannes Central. It takes half an hour to walk to the train station or the old town where most of the bars and restaurants are. The bus is good. €1.50 each way. Our berth is in a top spot. We berth stern to the dock, so our view is over Cannes Bay and city. Perfect for the fire works! It’s a small skip over the sea wall to go snorkeling after work and cool off. The crew on the neighbouring ships are good value and I often get together with them after work. The cook goes off with her “beau”, as she calls her South African sailor bf. Cute?!

Today I learned how to change the filters in the water maker. Very easy. Easier than the system we had in Darfield! Seawater gets turned into drinking water through osmosis. Saves me stressing about getting the tanks filled when we’re anchoring.

This is a pic of the local constabulary going about their business. Some of you have seen this, but yes, they really do wear thong bikinis and budgies! In fact the guys usually don’t bother with a T shirt either. Rather too much information, often! You only know they’re cops coz of the tender they’re in!

We had a decent storm over the weekend. It was meant to be days off for us and both the others had gone ashore. So I was on board alone. This meant that when the wind got up I was here to put the springs on, when the power cut, it was up to me to sort that out! So my days off were peppered with boat jobs! Not to mention a bloody shite hawk (seagull) majorly pooped on my clean deck.

But it was a nice relaxing weekend. And I rather like thunder and lightening storms. I sat up here on the fly deck watching until the wind started driving the rain in.

I miss everyone at the moment. Maybe because my boys are so close and yet so far! In Athens!

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