One Month to go!

The Summer has flown, not that the temperatures are easing up, thankfully. Its still usually around the 30 degrees mark most days. The nights are a little cooler, though, which we do appreciate. But this season does seem to have gone by very quickly.

I’ve just booked flights to join Matt in Prague, once he begins his travels in ernest! I have a couple of weeks off in early October before my yacht masters course and so will join him for the second week. I’m so looking forward to that, as who knows when I’ll see him again!

Yacht life has been fairly quiet. Our owners haven’t used her much so my days are just maintenance, on the whole! The ship next door, thanks to her ghastly owner /captain, has yet another deckie. This time a totally lovely young Montenegran, Oto. To be fair, he’s so much more than a deckie, a very smart, educated guy who has the brains to use this as paid accommodation really! Till the end of the season. We manage our time beautifully, with nicely spaced rest periods, sitting in the shade, talking about anything and everything. He reminds me a lot of my boys and we’ve become fast friends. I planned on a group video call with my guys last weekend, before Matt left, so they could all meet, but sadly, Oto’s Dad passed away last Friday, on Oto’s birthday. My heart broke for him. And his two brothers. So we’ll save that for another time.

It’s the Cannes Yacht Show next week, so all resident boats are being kicked out of Port Canto. Our management team, for whatever reason, don’t appear to have got this eventuality covered, so we’re having to go to San Remo. After that who knows! Still, it’ll be nice to actually move! I’ll miss my new friends though!

After my YM Offshore course, I’m flying to Thailand. Happily, Ruth and Orges are coming too. I’ve booked the first week on Koh Phangan and I think we’re considering Krabi for the 2nd week. Will possibly play it by ear.

I’m going out for dinner tonight with Max, again. It’s hard to organise as he’s so busy. He’s a free lance Captain based here, so a very experienced skipper and great company. I say this with my fingers and toes crossed, because it’s dependent on guests finishing at a sensible hour! There’s a great little bar /restaurant in the port, with awesome staff, so if he gets waylaid, I won’t starve /dry out!

I visited with Ruth last weekend. It was marvelous to get into the hills, see some greenery and escape the boat for 36 hours! I went via Mandelieu de Napoule, which I am totally enamoured of. Am adorable place. Will return!

We also had a brief visit to the shipyard in Antibes. The hydraulics operating the swim deck sprung an oil leak. Got the undercarriage cleaned as well.

Other than that, not much to report. Some beautiful sunsets, as there often is over Cannes!

A bien tot!