Day 8

I almost didn’t write that heading in case I tempted fate! However the weather gods still love me! Its sooo calm and beautiful this morning.

Turns out it was the owner who abused us last night. The captain arrived this morning and calmed him down. He was a nice guy and we sorted the problem with a handshake containing €250! That should cover getting the tiny gel coat scratch fixed!

We’ve had a beautiful trip to Kefalonia today. What a stunning little port town. Its my first time here and I heartily recommend it. We tottered ashore for a drink and to check out restaurants. Then Paul RTB’d for a nap while I explored and did a spot of shopping!

We should make Athens tomorrow via the Corinth Canal. Flights home are booked for Friday. Paul shouted is dinner out which was nice too. Supplies are limited now!

DAY 9 – Kefalonia to Athens

We’ve had really perfect conditions today. The only wind has been up the chuff, so booted us along at 21 knots.

We’re through the Corinth Canal, always a groovy experience and on the home straight. We’re actually at a marina called Lavrion tonight. It’s quite a bit East of Athens city proper, but much closer to the airport. So about 2hrs to run.

This video doesn’t exist

It’s been a good way to end the season. I’ve always liked doing the transits, so a delivery was the perfect finish for me! Thanks for the ride, Lucky Wave 😊🤘👋

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