Fleeting Visits worth Gold!

Sunday 13th October

Can’t believe my two weeks off have flown already!

Other than a couple of lovely nights with Ruth, I spent my first week off Lucky Wave with Mehrez, mostly in Cabris or Trigance. Both villages are truly beautiful representatives of how you picture French villages, right down to the Chateau in Trigance!

Mehrez’s boss and friend, Jamel, and another friend, Joachim, joined us in Trigance. It’s Jamel’s house, actually, and they were renovating, so I did a spot of prep for my Yacht Masters Offshore while they were busy.

Jamel took me mushrooming one morning, a truly wonderful treat, walking through the magical forest at dawn, with the mist hanging in the valley, reminding us Autumn was wrapping her cool arms around us. Mehrez isn’t an early bird, unless necessary, though Jamel gave him a tong up in French about not spending quality time with me, lol! I didn’t mind. Y’all know I like my space. We got enough mushrooms for two big feeds!

I’m trying really hard with my French and the three guys were really encouraging, not the usual way with French. Most locals mock your efforts or pretend not to understand even though they must have some idea what you’re trying to say. Very different to us, we’ll help, encourage and forgive mistakes! Not the French!

Monday 7th rolled around and I was dancing with excitement to see Matt in Prague. I lost my glasses going through the airport, SO annoying. I can’t read a damned thing without them and it took till the following day to find a place that sold cheap readers. And they’re terrible! I have my prescription sunnies, but not so great at night! And it wasn’t particularly sunny in Prague!

WONDERFUL to see Matt. I miss my boys. We’ve been a tight unit a long time. And great to meet Meg. I’m fairly sure people underestimate her regularly! As they have me. Attractive and girly does not equal little substance, and she has plenty behind those pretty eyes! And life experience to make her appreciate the good stuff.

We did the touristy thing, seeing the amazing history and architecture that is Prague, a truly incredible city. It’s bumped New Orleans off my favourite city spot! On Friday night we went to Above & Beyond Group Therapy. It was beyond fantastic! Matt’s friends, Ben and Gorman were there too.

Back to reality now, in Antibes. My Yacht Masters Offshore course starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. But it is ‘school’ so….

Wish me luck!

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